Shadowless Operating Lamp

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Technical parametersSHD700SHD500
Illumination (lux)30,000-160,00020,000-125,000
Color Temperature (Kelvin)4,300±5004,300±500
Lighting Spot Size (mm)100-360100-360
Lighting depth (mm)≥800≥800
Color rendering index≥95%≥95%
Brightness control range10-steps continuous light adjustment10-steps continuous light adjustment
Temp rise (Surgeon head) (℃)≤2≤2
Main & spare bulb switchautomatic switchingautomatic switching
Power of bulb(V.HZ)~220V/50HZ~220V/50HZ
Input power(W)400400
Bulb power(W)150150
Bulb lifetimeover 1500hover 1500h
Lowest installation height (mm)26002600

The focusing system of the lamp is exquisite in structure, making it easier and more convenient to
Replace the bulb and holder. Jacket of the handle can be removed for high-temperature (≤136℃) sterilization.
The lamp is also equipped with a function to automatically switch the backup bulb. When the king bulb burns out, auxiliary bulb will light up automatically within 0.1 second. There are arranged with indicators for failure of king/auxiliary bulb on the handle panel, reminding for timely replacement after operation.
Shadowless Operating Lamp

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