Unique Design Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls suppliers

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About Us
◆ Our History
Xiamen Blue City Print Co., Ltd. is a profssional paper printing manufacturer since 1995 with ISO9001, FSC, G7 Certificated and many international certificates for products.
◆ Our Factory
We are located in Xiamen and have our own factory, professional in not only scrapbooking, but also paper printing products. Our factory covers more than 6,000 square meters, equipped with Heildelberg CD102 Offset machines, Heildelberg SM520 Offset machines, Komori 440 offset machines, Kodak CTP and other post-procedure equipments.
Both OEM and ODM are welcome.
◆ Our Certificate
◆ Production Equipment
◆ Better & fast solution for your projectUnique Design Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls suppliers

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