Hoist factory

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Shandong Huaxia Group Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China SC200/200 hoist manufacturers, we are able to offer you 2t hoist, 3t hoist mast section, cab or boom, welcome to contact our factory.
max.load 2x2T ,double cage,max.working height 300m,rated lifting speed 38m/min, Motor power3x3x11KW
Item Specification Unit Technical Parameter Remark
1 Rated Load Kg 2000/2000
2 Rated Hoisting Speed M/min 33 Reducing Ratio = 16
3 Rated Hoisting Height M 300
4 Cage Space M 3X1.3
5 Cage Height M 2.4
6 Startup Currency A 270
7 Working Currency A 63
8 Power Consumption Kva 13X3
9 Motor Power Kw 11/13 JC = 100%  25%
10 Weight of Standard Section Kg 140
11 Total Weight T 20 H = 150M
12 Safety Device SAJ30-1.2
13 Height of Standard Section M/Section 1.508 Hoist factory

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